Post-Conference Workshop

Workshop I

"Advanced Clinical Workshop on the Treatment of Pathological/Disordered Gambling"

This 3-hour workshop targets the clinical dimension of problem gambling. This workshop will first cover the state of the art of the cognitive issues in the treatment of problem gamblers. Among the clinical interventions that will be covered during this workshop, Prof Ladouceur will illustrate the use of the “thinking Aloud Method”, the “Downward Arrow” in order to increase awareness regarding the erroneous perceptions in gambling. He will then show how to modify these erroneous perceptions in clinical cases. Role-playing will be used to provide information regarding this pivotal issue. Participants are strongly invited to present some of their own cases in order to increase their clinical abilities.

Prof. Robert LADOUCEUR
Professor Emeritus, School of Psychology, Laval University, Canada

Workshop II

"Mindfulness Approach to Addiction"

This 3-hour workshop aims at giving participants an update about the application of mindfulness in the field of addiction. Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) is one of the most studied mindfulness based programs for addiction. A brief overview of MBRP would be given. This workshop is experiential in nature. The participants would experience some of the mindfulness practices together. Local adaptation of MBRP would also be shared. This workshop is suitable for people who have no experience in mindfulness.

Prof. Samuel Yeung-shan WONG
Director, Professor and Head, Division of Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK

Mr. Ka-tsun TING
Clinical Psychologist, Kowloon Hospital, Hospital Authority, HK